Cubism Art Project

Cubism drawing Art Lesson

The Cubism projects contain two completely different step-by-step lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations. Cubism is a style of art that is challenging, but these two approaches gives you two ways to look at it and are easy to understand for the students. Both use a combination of media that can be changed, giving this project a new look from year to year

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What does the course contain?

Lesson Plan Pages

PowerPoint Slides

Cubism- Fractured Reality
Cubism - A Simple Approach

What do the lesson plans contain?

  • Title:  Project name
  • Idea:  A concept or description of the project
  • Objectives:  Statements in sequential progression for instruction and desired student outcomes
  • Activities:   Step-by-step procedures to achieve each Objective
  • Hints/tips:  Highlighted areas that will make the process easier
  • Material list:  A list of materials needed for the entire project and one is included for each Activity
  • Art history:  Includes information on art movements, artists and media related to the project
  • Time line:  An approximate amount of time needed for each activity,  based on a school year of 180 days, with 55 minute class periods meeting 5 days a week

 What do the PowerPoint presentations contain?

  • Title:  Project name
  • An example of the project:  A finished artwork example of the project
  • Student artwork examples:  Numerous student artwork examples
  • Procedures in both written and visual format:  Complete step-by-step procedures

This is a non-consumable product!
The projects and instruction can be used year after year.  To make the project appear different each year, change the major subject matter that is used.    

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