Printing Without A Press Vol. I

(Woodblock Block and Linoleum Block Printing)

Printmaking Art LessonThis download contains two complete and different art projects. They contain both step-by-step lesson plans and related PowerPoint presentations, along with Digital PDF's, MOV files, and more.

This download contains two complete step-by-step lesson plans and related PowerPoint presentations. Not all schools have a printing press in their art department; but still, the teachers want to instruct their students in printmaking. Here are two different printmaking projects that don't require a printing press. This can be added to your art program. The Woodblock Print and Linoleum Print lesson plans each take an entirely different approach in their printmaking process. They both use water-based printing ink, which will allow for easy clean up.

What does the course contain?

Lesson Plan Pages

PowerPoint Slides

Woodblock Printing
Linoleum Block

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What do the lesson plans contain?

  • Title:  Project name
  • Idea:  A concept or description of the project
  • Objectives:  Statements in sequential progression for instruction and desired student outcomes
  • Activities:   Step-by-step procedures to achieve each Objective
  • Hints/tips:  Highlighted areas that will make the process easier
  • Material list:  A list of materials needed for the entire project and one is included for each Activity
  • Art history:  Includes information on art movements, artists and media related to the project
  • Vocabulary terms:  Terms defined that relate to the project
  • Time line:  An approximate amount of time needed for each activity,  based on a school year of 180 days, with 55 minute class periods meeting 5 days a week
  • Written toward the National Art Standards for Art Education:  Includes questions, related to the project, for students to answer

 What do the PowerPoint presentations contain?

  • Title:  Project name
  • An example of the project:  A finished artwork example of the project
  • Student artwork examples:  Numerous student artwork examples
  • Procedures in both written and visual format:  Complete step-by-step procedure

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